Tuesday 26 March 2013

Not averse to a little poem

Hello and welcome to Chatter and Verse.
A pretty odd title for a blog written by a translator, I'll admit, but I've decided to devote my blog to 'poems' about situations we translators, indeed freelancers in general, often face. I'm no poet but I got a taste for writing rhyming ditties when set the challenge to write a Translators' Rap which you can read on my website, alisonhughes-translations.co.uk.

Hands up anyone who hasn't been in this situation...

The deadline

Ten thousand words for Friday
OK that should be fine

Two thousand words a day
A good steady pace I must say

Day one and all is going fine
It’s telly tonight with a glass of wine

Day two and a favourite client asks
Would I have time for a couple of tasks?

They’re not too long so I say ‘yes’
I set to work and hope for the best

Then day three my phone goes ‘ping’
A dental appointment I’ll have to fit in

So day four dawns and I’m a bit behind
Tonight there will be no time to unwind

My tooth is sore but there’s pills for that
I can’t stop now, need to work out flat

Tomorrow is D-day and there’s no time to lose
It’ll be late tonight and goodbye to booze

Ten pm and my eyes bright red
I decide it’s time to go to bed

Next day I rise at the crack of dawn
And drag myself to the shower with a yawn

An early start and no lunch today
And I’ll make the deadline at end of day

It’s two pm and all seems just swell
Then the school phones, ‘your child’s unwell’

Panic?... no… well yes… but no
It’s got to be done so off I go

Deep breath, deep breath, that driver’s an ass
Wish I hadn’t missed my yoga class

Back home and child tucked up in bed
I sit for a minute trying to clear my head
Just the final read through to go
And you know what? It’s starting to flow

I look at the clock and it’s just gone four
Looks like I’ll be delivering early once more

As I press send, I think ‘what the heck?’
Here I am a total wreck

What happened to that resolution?
Pacing myself was to be the solution

Well there’s always next time says I
Oh aye, oh aye… and pigs might fly.

Thank you to Jennifer Wilson Art for my little piggy graphic.

Next time: That Elusive Word.


  1. Brilliant idea! Keep on rhyming.

    1. A very belated thanks for the comment Maria. I was in France for 9 days so just catching up. Next poem coming shortly.