Monday 22 April 2013

Words escape me...

How many times have you searched and searched for a word you know will fit perfectly, walking away from the computer, finding other things to do, trying social media for inspiration, to find it coming to you when you least expect it?

That elusive word…

You know yourself, there’s always one
A word you know that just won’t come

Maybe a break, a little chat
That’s all I need, I’m sure of that

Logged onto Twitter, I clear my mind
Not really noticing I’m getting behind

Some time later, no progress made
I realise I’ve been waylaid

Back to the text, I stare at the screen
Search for synonyms, there are umpteen

But not that word I so want to find
The one that’s stuck at the back of my mind

Put on a washing, that’s what I’ll do
And perhaps a little tidy too

I head downstairs, head on a cloud
Trying to repeat the text out loud

It must come soon, I know it’s there
Only problem is I don’t know where

Oh well, twelve o’clock, it’s time for food
Chicken in the fridge looks particularly good

I settle down, my lunch before me
Two tasty sandwiches, a cup of tea

I turn on the telly to see what’s new
Then suddenly I stop mid-chew

That’s it, that’s it, the battle’s won
I charge upstairs past a startled son

A perfect fit, the search worthwhile
A good translator goes that extra mile