Friday 12 July 2013

The summer holidays are here!

Do you recognise this scenario? Kids have just stopped for the holidays, partner's all set for your two-week break, and you're still tidying up loose ends? 

Are you not finished yet?

The final bell this term has rung
And the summer holidays have begun

The kids are hyper, poor hubby’s tired
But to the computer I’m still wired

Another page then a quick read through
Why is there always so much to do?

An early start tomorrow beckons
We’ll make it with ease, hubby reckons

But it’s late already and no end in sight
I can kiss goodbye to that early night

Invoices and emails still to send
This admin drives me round the bend

The flight is booked, we’re off to Spain
In a quest to escape the British rain

Two weeks of rest awaits, I hope
But I do wonder if I’ll cope

My clients know that I’m away
But will I check in every day?

Just in case when I return
I’ve missed a job, that important one

The answer’s ‘no’, time to unwind
Change my routine and clear my mind

Working long hours I’m not alone
So a two-week break should be set in stone

I know the theory, my clients agree
All the guilt is down to me

But before I go all must be right
Not long now, the end’s in sight

Just one more hour, that’s all I need
Then from my desk I will be freed

Two hours later hubby knocks
It’s midnight. Do you never look at clocks?

Far too late I think with a frown
Time to shut my computer down

And as I do I hope I’ll see
A “switch-off” button just for me

 Have a lovely summer break everybody! Hope you find your "switch-off" button...