Thursday 23 May 2013

2013 ITI Conference - were you there?

Did you miss the ITI conference? Curious to know what we all got up to? Here's a little "poetic" summary:

The place is Gatwick, the month is May
The Hilton Hotel is where we’ll stay

The Hilton? What’s the reason why?
It’s this year’s conference of the ITI

Masterclasses a choice of four
Technology, money, could you ask for more?

Working the room is the other choice
Helping translators to find their voice

Drinks and dinner round off the first day
Before the conference gets underway

Soap and drugs, workflow and planes
CPD, export, social media and games

A yoga session to help us unwind
Stretch our limbs and empty our mind

Professional photos taken on site
A chance to get our image just right

Line dancing, whose idea was that?
Yes please I’ll have a sparkly hat

As Sunday dawns there’s lots in store
Quality, patents, contracts and more

Keynote speakers entertain and inspire
Figureheads we all admire

A final break with cakes and tea
Then singing translators with “Stand by me”

At the summary session we take a seat
And soon realise we’re in for a treat

A conference video has been prepared
And we’re the first to see it aired

Next it’s feedback, all positive of course
All in one voice, if a little hoarse

We ate and drank and had some fun
And learnt to look after number one

With knowledge gained at every session
We’ve pulled together as a profession

Thursday 16 May 2013

Nice to meet you!

The 2013 ITI Conference is nearly upon us, so time to share my poem about networking... although we're a friendly bunch and know lots of people "virutally" so I hope nobody actually feels like this at the conference.


Of course I’ll go, it’s something new
And definitely time my business grew

The event is free so that’s a plus
Networking? Don’t understand the fuss

I’m no shrinking violet, or so I’m told
So what’s the problem for one so bold?

New cards, nice suit and business head
I’m ready for action… what’s that you said?

No, it’s my first, of many I hope
It won’t be easy but I’m sure I’ll cope

Dam and blast it where’s the map?
Not yet a panic, just a bit of a flap

OK I’m not early, but not that late
Just remember it’s not a date

No-one is waiting just for you
But, oh my God, what do I do?

With a beating heart of increasing pace
I scan the room for a familiar face

I’m on my own, there’s no other way
I’ll just have to think of something to say

I approach a group deep in conversation
But stop in my tracks as the topic’s inflation

Deciding I need some time to think
I head for the table to have a drink

I grab a water and down it in one
Desperately fighting the urge to run

Group number two looks a better bet
Just need to do it, no time to vet

‘Do you mind if I join you?’ I say to be nice
It does the trick and breaks the ice

‘My name is Jan’ one says with a smile
Is this your first event in a while?

‘Yes’ I say, ‘well to tell the truth.
First time ever, shaky hand’s the proof.’

‘Only my second so I feel your pain.
But little to lose and lots to gain’

Her words of encouragement are all I need
I join the group and am soon up to speed

Explaining the work of a freelance translator
I discover a client who may need me later

Cards are exchanged and it’s time to move on
Somehow I no longer feel so forlorn

It certainly wasn’t as easy as expected
But with a couple more I could have it perfected?